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Ujsky museum of local lore

Phone: (35165) 3-10-50

Address: 456470, Chelyabinsk region,

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    The Ujsky museum was the regional museum of local lore first in the Chelyabinsk area. It is created on the basis of a school museum with Larino. The considerable contribution to its creation was brought by the teacher of rural school A.M. Krylov who subsequently has become by the first director of a museum.

    The museum constantly replenishes with a new material of regional studies, in particular, found on river bank Kulahtinki on depth of several meters bones of mammoths, a skull of a woolly rhinoceros from the Lapinsky rivulet, and also interesting documents, memoirs of veterans of civil war, participants of the Great Patriotic War.

    In 2005 the museum has got the status of the legal person. Now the museum has three departments: the nature, the pre-revolutionary past, the Soviet period Museum expositions reflect also the present.

    In nature department the fauna (stuffed animals) and vegetation of our area is shown. Valuable exhibits are remains of ancient animals - a mammoth, a woolly rhinoceros, round; herbariums of plants of the Ujsky pine forest.

    In department of the pre-revolutionary past the history of Ujsky village ХVIII - the beginnings of the XX-th centuries is reflected. Department exhibits represent huge value. This weapon of times of Country war 1773-1775 under E.I. Pugachyov's leadership, subjects of a life and the tool of rural work of Cossacks ХVIII - ХIХ centuries: the weaving loom, woven and вязанные products, a wooden plow, millstones. In the same department the history of national education, culture is reflected. The particular interest is represented by books of the religious maintenance, numismatics subjects, a collection of ceramic ware, samovars and another.

    The third department reflects history of civil war, an establishment of the Soviet power, collective-farm building, the period of the Great Patriotic War, post-war development of area. Such exhibits as an iron plow - сабан, record players, tank T-34 breadboard model, a self-made motorcycle of 1933, a thing and documents of participants of the Great Patriotic War, workers of back are interesting

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Administrative phone:
    (35165) 3-10-50

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    opened: 15.06.1947

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    culture for society

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 221м2
    temporary exhibitions 28м2
    museum's store 30м2
    museum's parks 0,03га

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    10039, rare collection's items: 6013

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