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Lermontov state museum-reserve "Tarkhany"

Phone: (84153) 3-56-01, 3-54-44 (экс. отдел)

Address: 442280, Penza region, Lermontovo., Belinskiy Region

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    State Lermontov Museum-Preserv "Tarkhany" - W451, official web site tarhany.ru

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    The State Lermontov museum-reserve "Tarkhany" is a unique historical and cultural memorial of the national value, here M.Yr. Lermontov spent half of his life. Here he the sources of his world-view and character, as well as of his works. This in the place where his ashes rest.

    The Museum was opened in 1939 in the visage of Lermontovo. The museum was opened in the estate of the poet's grandmother Elisaveta Alekseevna Arsenyeva.

    The golden stock compises the great poet's personal belongings: the picture "The Caucasus View hear the Settlement of Sioni" painted by him, drawings also by him, a porcelain inkpot, a bronze signet, a field box, the family icon, the ceremonial handkerchiefs of his mother and grandmother, arm-chairs, a chest-of-drawers from the Barskiy House etc.

    "Tarkhany" has collected and now keeps both lifetime and post-mortal publishing's of works by M.Yu. Lermontov. At the same time "Tarkhany" in a great example of the art of the out of parks.

    The museum constantly develops the methods of entertaining the visitors: scientific conferences are held there, theatrical excursions, literary-musical evenings, folklore holidays, greeting programs for newlyweds, master-classes in folk handicrafts are held. Since 1971 National Lermontov festivals are organized

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Administrative phone:
    (84153) 2-07-90, Fax: (84153) 2-07-90

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 25.02.1936
    opened: 30.07.1939

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Architect and monuments,Literature,Museum preserve,Memorial

    permament show rooms 981,4м2
    temporary exhibitions 49,8м2
    museum's store 193м2
    museum's parks 97,5га

Employee number:
    179 (curators: 13)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    21006, rare collection's items: 16202

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