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State D. Mendeleev and A. Blok museum-reserve

Phone: +7(965)252-83-94 (заказ экскурсий)

Address: 141500, Moscow region,

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    D. Mendeleev and A. Blok museum-reserve - W539, official web site шахматово.рф

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    It has been 30-th year anniversary of D.I.Mendeleev and A.A.Block museum-reserve in September 2014 which includes three estates:

    Shakhmatovo homestead beloved by A.A.Block lies along plain hills of Klin-Dmitrov range where the Lutosnya river flows. The territory of mansion contains a park and a picturesque pond which is kept since the days of A.N. Beketov - the grandfather of the poet - who bought the mansion.

    The church of Archangel Michael in captain's I.V. Tarakanov's barton where A.A. Block and miss L.D. Mendeleeva were married now is under construction.

    There is a homestead of the famous Russian chemist D.I. Mendeleev in Boblovo village which is close to Tarakanovo village. In the reserved apartments of Smirnov-Ilyin family there is presented the "Mendeleev's Boblovo" exhibition which is dedicated to the life of the famous Russian chemist. The park which remembers Mendeleev is still alive. The guest of the homestead are welcomed by the magnificent elm-tree alley. All those homesteads are open for visitors. There are many traditional mass cultural activities hold each year in the halls of museum reserve.

    If one visits the homestead one could take an excursion, attend an exhibition, take part in interactive activities or a master class. You may also just take a walk around for the local nature is remarkably beautiful and attractive.

    The guests of Shakhmatovo and Tarakanovo may always have tea with Shakhmatovo berry jam and cakes cooked according to ancient Beketov-Block family receipt.

    The Shakhmatovo estates contains a stable where the visitors may ride a horse or have coach ride. In the summer time you may rent a bicycle and skies in winter

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   museum shop, museum's caffe

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Administrative phone:
    (495) 994-04-67

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1981г.
    opened: 1984г.

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Regional museum,Literature,Museum preserve,Science and technics,Memorial

    permament show rooms 620,5м2
    museum's store 110,1м2
    museum's parks 36,5га

Employee number:
    82 (curators: 23)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    science library

Collections volume:
    38075, rare collection's items: 16950

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