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    The 'CENTRE' is located in Liteyny pospect close to Nevsky pr. (150 m.). It was opened on 25th July 1998.

    The 'CENTRE' consists of the two show- rooms (80sq.m. and 86sq.m. in area, 4 m. in Height) supplied with up-to-date exhibition equipment.

    - The system of picture hanging, supplied by 'LION ART SERVICE' allows the easy changing of expositions simply and bears up to 30 kg. So even large paintings can be hanged without any problems.

    - The system of directed illumination consists of 'halogen' lamps with a diffusion angle of sixty degrees and a slewing angle of 360 degrees. Special protective filters are fitted. The lamps can be adjusted both in height and also along the length of track to suit the individual requirements.

    - Besides the point-source highlight there is also scattered light with spectrum approaches the daylight.

    - The Acoustics are excellent. There is a wireless microphone and built in loud- speaker system for suitable background music etc.

    - The air-conditioning and ventilation system is unique among the Art galleries in St.Petersburg

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    (812) 273-5184, Fax: (812) 273-5184

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    founded: 1998г.

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    culture for society

    Historical,Painting art

    temporary exhibitions 166м2

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    4 (curators: 1)

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