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The Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry

Phone: +7 (960) 0310130

Address: 420008, Tatarstan Republic,

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    www.russianmuseums.info/M2738 - official web page
    The Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry - W1235, official web site museums.kpfu.ru/muzej-kazanskoj-himicheskoj-shkoly/glavnaya-stranitsa/


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    There are no typical stalls and stands in the museum. It is the memorial laboratory of the XIX century, which includes Butlerov room, a library, the laboratory proper, a hall for exhibitions of chemical preparations and laboratory equipment of the XIX-XX centuries, and the study of the head of the laboratory (Butlerov's study). There are about six thousand units in the museum

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   museum shop, public library, Internet access, museum's caffe

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    hotels and restaurants

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Administrative phone:
    (843) 233-75-31

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1863г.

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    scientific, educational

    Science and technics,Memorial

Employee number:
    1 (curators: 1)

Collections volume:
    6000, rare collection's items: 4000

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