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The Ore-Petrographical Museum

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On the updated website of the Ore-Petrographical Museum of the IGEM RAS detailed information for future visitors contains: about the history of creation and development; about the exhibited collections in Museum. Information about the collections, upcoming exhibits, as well as about the exhibitions, in the popular view showing the results of scientific activity of scientists, staff of the Institute, which led to the discovery of large and unique deposits are provided. Special interest of the exposition, where in a popular form presents unique materials: about the first Russian Polar expeditions (for example, the Expedition of E.V. Toll in search of the Sannikov Land in1885-1902); about natural processes (including the processes of ore mineralization); about of extraterrestrial matter and impactites and others take place. The unique patterns of the Museum are characterized. Museum's activities in the areas of: tour and education (lectures) services are shown; information about the projects of the Museum and museum’s publications are provided. The transfer of interested educational collections to specialized institutions and schools is offers

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museum: The Ore-Petrographical Museum of Sciences Institute of Geology, of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences