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Flat-Museum "A.T. Tvardovskiy in Smolensk" RSBIC "The Smolensk State Museum-Preserve"

Phone: (4812) 38-38-62, 38-27-96

Address: 214014, Smolensk region, Smolensk City, Zapolniy Lane, 4, Flat 26

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    This not a great apartment with the environment of the 50th - 60th of the last century is tightly connected with the life and creative work of a great poet and has a rich history, so easy to touch upon whenever crossing the threshold of the flat.

    In 1943 Alexander Tvardovskiy came to Smolensk a war correspondent of the newspaper "The Red Army's Truth" of the Western Front. On September, 27 accompanied with his parents, sisters and nephews he entered the flat in Zapolniy Lane. He lived there from September, 1943 to March, 1944, at the height of the war, when the editorial office of the newspaper was not far from the city. These walls keep memory of the creation of the poem "The house by the road", of the birth of the new chapters of "Vasiliy Tyorkin" and "The distance by distance". Here came his front friends - the artist Orest Vereyskiy and the writer Yevgeniy Vorobyov.

    In November, 1990 the flat of A. T. Tvardovskiyhad become a museum created in memory of the poet's stay at Smolensk. The museum combines the environment and interior preserved for the 70th years of the 20th century and photo-documentary unit reflected A. T. Tvardovskiy's stay in Smolensk in 1940 - 1960. The exposition includes a row of complexes: the sitting-room, the bedroom of his parents, the rooms of his sisters Anna Tvardovskaya and MariyaTvardovskaya, the lobby, the kitchen-room reconstructed in the memorial and the social aspects.

    Apart from the environment carefully preserved by the sisters of Alexander Trifonovich various publicationsof the poet's books, photos, letters, and drawings of O. Vereyskiy are presented at the exposition

Museum's building(s):
    A four-storied multi-flat dwelling house erected in 1936 has kept his architectural outline: rectangular by plan, laid from red bricks. It's one the rare buildings escaped destruction I the years of the Great Patriotic War. It's a veteran house. The museum is on the first floor, at the three-roomed flat

Museum foundator: Tvardovskaya Anna Trifonovna (1912-2000), Tvardovskaya Nadezhda Ivanovna (1937 birthdayyear)

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Administrative phone:
    (4812) 38-38-62

Administrative address:
    214000, Smolensk City, Communisticheskaya Road, 4

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    opened: 1990г.

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   State Russia

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    culture for society


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