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The Smolensk State Museum-Preserve

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The Smolensk Museum was founded in 1888. Nowadays the Smolensk State Museum and Preserve is one of the largest museum unions of Russia. It consists of 16 departments and branch offices. The city expositions are placed in unique buildings, which are the monuments of the 17th – early 20th century architecture. The branch offices are situated in former seats of distinguished people of Smolensk, such as the well-known patron of art M.K. Tenisheva, the composer M.I. Glinka, the traveler N.M. Przhevalskiy, the poet A.T. Tvardovskiy.
    The official site presents information of the departments (museums) and the branches of the Smolensk State Museum and Preserve. It also informs you about the museum`s collections, news, etc.

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museum: The Smolensk State Museum-Preserve