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Estate Museum of M.I. Glinka

Phone: (48146) 3-25-13, 3-25-16

Address: 216356, Smolensk region, Yelninskiy District, and Novospasskoye Settlement

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    The Memorial Estate Museum of M.I. Glinka is the only in the world memorial museum of the great composer. His major motherland played a decisive part in his life and in his musical fortune. He was born here, spent his years of childhood and adolescence and had got his first education; his powerful talent was conceived here. In his native estate the composer had spent seventeen years and a half in all.

    The house the composer had been born in had not been preserved: his fatherbuilt a new building with a portico and columns just at the place of the old one, which belonged to the grandfather of the composer.

    The Estate Museum was opened in May of 1982. At present day it's one of the cultural and historical centers of the Smolensk Land. The interiors of the parade rooms with memorial things have been reconstructed by now.

    Since 1958 the closings of the M.I. Glinka All-Union Festival have been held here, since 1981 the museum has received the laureates of the M.I. Glinka International Competition of Vocalists, and the concerts of the soloists of the Smolensk Regional Philharmonic Society have been held here up to the present

Museum's building(s):
    The main house, two outbuildings (for guests and for the kitchen),the coach-house, the bake-house and the house for manor serfs have been built up anew

Museum foundator: Shvaykin Alexander Illarionovich (1928-1988), Korolyova Tamara Kuzminichna, 1936 year born

Museum's services:
   museum shop, lecture hall

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Administrative phone:
    (48146) 3-25-13

Administrative address:
    214000, Smolensk City, Communisticheskaya Road, 4

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 1982г.

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific


    permament show rooms 555м2
    temporary exhibitions 42м2
    museum's parks 6,5га

Employee number:
    18 (curators: 5)

Average visitors per year:

Rare collections (unique items):
    The collection of furniture - 63 things
    The collection of textiles and clothes - 32 things
    The collection of paintings - 46 things
    The collection of sculpture - 10 things
    The collection of drawings - 14 things
    The collection of books - 104 things
    The collection of photos - 10 things
    The collection of decorative- and-applied art and ethnography - 66 things
    The collection of memorial things - 54 things

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