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Saratov regional museum of local lore

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Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore (SOMK) is among the oldest ones in the Volga Region. December the 12th (24), 1886, is considered to be its foundation date: Saratov Scientific Archive Board (SSAB) was organized then, with a historical-archaeological museum as an associated part. Some of the exhibits were first presented to the public in 1889, in the science-art department at the Saratov agricultural exhibition. A year later, they were demonstrated at a scientific-industrial exhibition in Kazan.
    The museum fund comprises about 400 thousand items: extensive archaeological, ethnographical, paleontological, entomological collections, herbaria, photos, documents, hand-written and early printed books, coins and medals, religious items, posters, paintings, materials on the history of political, economical, social and cultural settings in Saratov

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museum: Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore