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Korablinsky Regional Studies Museum

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Address: 391200, Ryazan region,

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    The Museum of Regional Studies has been created in the centre of Korablino District, the Town of Korablino (formerly a village with 620 residents, a chirch, two steam-mills, a zemstvo-school, some wine-houses and weekly markets before 1917. Even at that time Korablino was the centre of a volost).

    Korablino District is now an area abounding in archaelogical monuments to the past. These are settlements of the early Iron Age, Slavic settlements and encampments of primitive Man.

    Neolitic ceramics with the hole-ornament, arrow tips made of silicon, unbored stone-axes are well represented in the exhibition. You can't but appreciate heavy granite-axes, the so-called "working wedges", breakage-billets and small polished hunting-axes of the Bronze Age.

    Articles of Slavic make: fragments of vessels with the "wave" - ornament, spindle-loads, the so-called "pryaslitsy", bone-combs with the symbols of the Sun etc. reflect the pre- and post- Mongolian periods.

    You will surely like the Room of Nature containing large bones of a mammoth and wolly rhinoceros which were found at one of the most picturesque rivers in Ryazan Region, the Pronya.

    The permanent exhibition consists of rural life articles of the XIX - XX centuries. These are mortars, millstones, spades for peat, threshing flails, ceramic and kvass-pots, homespun clothes, a weaving loom ets.

    Wooden articles skillfully produced by the local folk-masters of their trade, attractive costumes and articles of the revived folk-craft; various table-covers called the "stoleshnitsy", table-centres and table-napkins trimmed with beautiful bone-laces of different colours by the picked home-workers (all that has been traditionally made here for a long while) form today the applied art of Korablino District.

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Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 06.12.1981
    opened: 01.01.1991

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    culture for society, educational

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 385м2
    museum's store 90м2

Employee number:
    9 (curators: 3)

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Collections volume:
    3100, rare collection's items: 2132

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