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The Museum of Berestov & His Surroundings

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    Valentin Berestov (1928-1998) was a poet, a writer, a translator and a historian. He was born in Metshovsk (Kaluga region), Russia (USSR).

    The Museum of Berestov & His Surroundings is a school museum with unique history and funds. In 2009 the museum was created in Gymnasium № 1565 "Sviblovo" in Moscow. But its history had begun earlier - in July, 1998, when in the "Book review" magazine Kuzmenkova E.M. (1st Director of Berestov Centre) published a short article about creation of Berestov Literary Center in the Russian State Children's Library. The Literary Center lasted until the summer of 2009. The "Light Forces" exposition was launched there, which became the starting point in creating the museum in the gymnasium. Today the museum fund holds the items given by both Berestov's family - his widow, Natalia Aleksandrova (died in 2010), and daughter, Marina Berestova, - and his friends and colleagues. The museum keeps searching and collecting items relating to the life and creative work of Valentin Berestov. In the museum there has been reconstructed the writer's study room with original furniture and other items of household use. The museum also contains original documents, a few manuscripts of Berestov's verses, an extensive collection of his publications and lifetime editions

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    opened: 05.04.2010

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, educational


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