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Novopavlovsk museum of local history

Phone: (87938) 5-25-53

Address: 357300, Stavropol area,

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    The main activity of Novopavlovsk museum is to preserve, study and promotion of the Terek Cossacks cultural heritage, its traditions, customs and ceremonies.

    The historical past of the Kirov district and its administrative center - the city Novopavlovsk connected with the history of the Azov-Mozdok defensive fortress line construction at the end of the XVIII century and with the Cossacks exploration of the region.

    Novopavlovsk Museum Of Local History is one of the cultural centers in the city. Museum collections represent the life and culture of the Terek Cossacks, the population of Novopavlovsk, Kirov region.

    Painting collections "Portrait of collective farm workers Twentieth Congress of the CPSU, the Novopavlovsk", 1969-1991 of honoured artist of RSFSR L.F. Papadopoulo, E.F. Bitsenko, D.C. Uriupin, N.F. Rybnovym; collection of Russian and the USSR banknotes , 1898-1995; photographs on the history of consumer cooperatives in Kirov district 1930 - 1970's.; memorials of Novopavlovsk honorary citizens and honored workers of different sectors of region industrial activity are in the museum fonds.

    Novopavlovsk museum annually conducts the district and regional Cossack youth competitions and festivals

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Administrative phone:
    (87938) 5-25-53

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    founded: 22.01.2014

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

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    более 3500, rare collection's items: 2145

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