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    The history of our museum is closely connected with history of formation of the area. The ancestor in itself idea of emergence of a museum Kuznetsova Natalia Prokopyevna - the head of department of culture became engendered. It gradually collected unique exhibits for the purpose of an embodiment them on general display. Sources were that, the first undertaking was such.

    Today in it the Cossack log hut and the Jewish barrack, 25 constant expositions, and also temporary exhibitions are located full-scale. Thanks to sympathetic inhabitants the museum constantly replenishes with new exhibits long ago "become obsolete the life". At visit of excursions the great interest is caused by a Cossack log hut with attributes of that time. An iron shod bed of handwork with life term more than 200 years, "The state act on eternal land use by the earth by collective farms", given out on May 31, 1936 in Russian and Jewish languages. And still there are a lot of interesting things which store in itself the history

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Administrative phone:
    (42665) 21-4-85

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    opened: 20.01.1984

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

    permament show rooms 158,3м2
    museum's store 24,2м2

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    7 (curators: 2)

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