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The Kutuzov Hut Museum

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    The Kutuzov Hut Museum deals with the key event of the Russian War of 1812.

    It belonged to the village of Fili, which housed the headquarters of the Russian army several days after the Borodino battle. On the 1(13) of September1812 here took place the famous Council of War, presided over by the Russian commander-in-chief M.I. Kutuzov, who put the end to generals hot debates but declaring his firm intention to preserve the Russian army by retreating from the city.

    After the War of 1812 all the peasant possessions inside the hut, including the table, benches and icons, were preserved intact.

    At present the Kutuzov Hut museum is affiliated to the Museum - panorama The Borodino Battle, which is situated nearby

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