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The Museum of the 9th Separate Krasnoznameny railway brigade

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    The Museum of the 9th Separate Krasnoznameny railway brigade was established at 5 May 2010 on the base of Samara State University of Transport. This museum is a part of memorial museum complex.

    The museum exposition tells about the 9th railway brigade in the context of development history of Russian railway troops.

    The 9th brigade took part in the defence of Leningrad, in construction and servirсing of The Road of Life and The Road of Victory, by which the precipitated city was getting the provisions. Among the exhibits one can find the jar with the land of Piskarev memorial where the soldiers of the 9th brigade were buried, shell fragments, fragments of machinegun belts, photographs and books.

    In peacetime the brigade participated in construction of approach lines to KAMAZ, VAZ, in construction of BAM and in reconstruction of railway in Chechen Republic.

    In 50-80th the brigade staff was situated in the buildings of present Samara State University of Transport. Here in 1980 the obelisk and the eternal flame were installed in the memory of soldiers of the 9th brigade, who fell in battles at war time. Today they make a unified memorial complex

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    (846) 999-0183, Fax: (846) 999-0183

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    opened: 05.05.2010

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    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 32м2
    temporary exhibitions 19м2
    museum's store 6м2
    museum's parks 20га

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    science library

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    77, rare collection's items: 50

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