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St. Petersburg Museum of the History of Professional Education

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    The St. Petersburg Museum of the History of Professional Education (Vocational Training) records the heroic achievements of the Russian tradition of vocational education. It was created in 1980 for the 40 anniversary of the Decree of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet " On State Manpower Resources". The history of vocational training in Russia is closely linked to the history of the country, and each hall of the museum tells one page of this story.

    The museum forms a base for research into, and education about, the education system at different levels of vocational training. The museum collection consists of documents (in the form of actual objects, written and graphic items) from the time Peter I until the present day (1701-the opening of the first school of mathematics and navigation in Moscow).

    The museum offers both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition consists of historical materials about the development of vocational training in Russia and St. Petersburg.

    Until 2016 the museum was located at Marata Street, 64. In August 2018 the museum was opened in a new place - in the building of the Palace of Student Youth of St. Petersburg at Sinopskaya Embankment, 64, lit. A. In the renewed exposition modern technologies are widely used: interactive panels, tablets, sound boxes, digital showcases. Multimedia equipment makes it possible to "revitalize" items, demonstrate the content of archival documents, and give more detailed information about the exhibits in an interactive form.

    Over the decades, the collection fund has been enlarged with numerous documentary sources. The museum became a base for research and teaching and educational work of the vocational education system, as well as a career guidance center for school-leavers

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    (812) 246-08-55

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    founded: 07.12.1978
    opened: 01.09.1980

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    culture for society, educational

    Historical,Painting art

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    23753, rare collection's items: 14430

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