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    Gallery.Photographer.ru is a Moscow gallery which specializes exclusively in contemporary creative photography. Rejecting the separation between "photojournalistic" and "artistic" photography, Gallery.Photographer.ru advocates all that which is united by an individual, personalized vision of the world. At the same time, the main focus is on showing significant contemporary Western photographers who set the pace for the development of the medium's language, as well as on working with the promising local names who deserve to be included in the global context. The gallery, which opened in 2007, is a natural extension and continuation of the Photographer.ru project, the latter also uniting in itself an eponymous web magazine on world photography (published since 1999) and a photographic agency (founded in 2005). In 2007, Photographer.ru entered a new stage of development, having opened its own exhibition space and thus finding the opportunity to demonstrate in practice the ideals of its founders and curators.

    In September 2007, the gallery opened its doors with a show of Australia's Trent Park, who was granted full membership in the famous Magnum photo agency earlier that year. At the same time, the exhibition served as a manifesto by the curators of the gallery - a gesture meant to demonstrate what kind of photography attracted them. Gallery.Photographer.ru represents, advocates for, and helps to develop:

    -photography that unites factual accuracy with great artistry in presentaiton;

    -photography that captures in the stream of fast-flowing life elusive but iconic fragments, which, in fact, form the latter's conceptual and aesthetic essence;

    -photography that influences the formation of the global photographic and artistic language.

    The gallery works both with young artists and photographers who are already well-known (in Russia an/or abroad). Among them are Antanas Sutkus, Nikolai Bakharev, Gueorgui Pinkhassov,Nikolai Kulebyakin, Valery Nistratov, Aleksandr Gronsky,Rena Effendy, Alnis Stakle, Anton Kozlov-Meyer, Antoine D'Agata and others.

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    opened: 2007г.

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