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T-34 Tank History Museum

Phone: (495) 577-71-94

Address: 141052, Moscow region, Sholokhovo Village 89A, Marfino Post Office, Mytischi District

Working hours:* Closed on Mondays

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    The process of -34 creation is reflected in the Museum via the exhibits that demonstrate the work of design teams. Names and faces of the members of these teams were kept secret for many years. Exhibits also reveal the heroic deeds of tankmen in the Great Patriotic War and WWII. The Museum is the first to elucidate the role of -34 tank in the Battle for Moscow. A special comparison chart shows the military characteristics of medium tanks from different countries. The "family tree" of -34 and the "geography" of its application are represented in detail. The Museum also has a vast collection of observations on -34 and its role in the Great Patriotic War

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    opened: 06.12.2001

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   State Russia

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