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The museum of history of limited companyYamburggasdobicha

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    The museum of limited company Yamburggasdobicha was created in May in 1994. The initiators of its opening were Alexander Rantikovich Margulov-General Manager of the company, Alexander Vladimirovich Putilin-the deputy of General Manager, Alexander Vasilyevich Alekseevich chief editor of press, radio and television. The idea to conserve bright and full of events history of the company, the memory about the pioneers of the development of Yamburg deposit was realised on the eve of celebrations of the 10th anniversary of limited company Yamburggasdobicha. The editorial staff of press, radio and television took an active part in the acquisition of the collection of the museum. They collected material in Salehard, Tyumen, Moscow, the departments of the company, personal files of the collaborators of the company. On January 1,year 2005 the museum collection comprised more than 1050exhibits and about 2500 photos. The items connected with ancient history of Northwestern part of Siberia: a fossilized mollusk and a piece of wood, Paleolithic and archeological finds can be considered unique exhibits. Instruments of land-surveyors and surveyors, household goods of the pioneers of Yamburg GCD, photos taken during the first years of developing, archival documents and materials of the periodical press are of great interest. They helped to recreate the history of equipment and exploitation of the deposit, life of Yamburg settlement. The reminiscences of the collaborators of limited company Yamburggasdobicha became the most precious. Household goods of the Nentz of Taz region, telling us about ancient and distinctive culture of this northern nation, became a part of the ethnologic collection. Instruments of labour, womens ornaments, children toys, images of spirits - the pictures of the life of man in the severe conditions of Far North are recreated with the help of these things. The basis of the museum exposition is photos, historic documents, models, personal things of the gas-miners of the company, books and other exhibits. They tell us about the history of the biggest gas production company in Russia - limited company Yamburggasdobicha. Separate sections are devoted to the history of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, life in gas-miners settlement, komsomol groups who came to equip the deposit, ecological policy of the company directed to restoration of tundra soils and keeping unique nature of Zapolyarya, introduction new technologies, collaboration with Russian and foreign partners.

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    opened: 01.10.1994

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

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    3550, rare collection's items: 1050

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