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Simbirsk in XIX to the beginning of XX century

Phone: спр. (8422) 32-63-19, экс.бюро (8422) 32-45-32

Address: 432063, Ylyanovsk region,

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    The museum is situated in one of the outbuildings of former priest mansion of Simbirsk the Trinity cathedral of I.A. Anaksagarov.

    The museum exposition reproduces traditional mansion house of city dweller with average income. The whole exposition consists of originals. Big house with attic storey where used to live priest's family, two outbuildings, and also outhouses reconstructed by drawings, pictures and photos (a veranda, a bathhouse, a coach house, summerhouse, well) are situated on the mansion territory. Dummy of well is made by picture in watercolours of famous simbirsk painter Dmitriy Archangelskyi. Memorial estate of urban mode of life is unusual museum. There are no show-cases with exhibits and explanations. There are rooms instead of halls. There is a little ladies' room with tiny vanity table, fine bottles and other trifles. There is a dining room - from the viewpoint of city dweller of XIX century here everything is ready for a dinner. There are an old piano and a rocking chair in the drawing room. The unusual atmosphere of this house attracts like magnet many visitors. Theme evenings devoted to rituals of Russian wedding, parody shows or Christmas carols are establishing here.

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Administrative phone:
    (8422) 32-63-62, Fax: (8422) 32-63-62

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 28.12.1999

Organisation status:

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Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Museum preserve

    permament show rooms 159,4м2

Employee number:
    6 (curators: 3)

Average visitors per year:
    14 370

Collections volume:
    свыше 700, rare collection's items: 500

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