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The Museum of Simbirsk and Ulyanovsk Architecture and Town-Building

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    In the middle of the 17th century the frontier of the Muscovite state was marked by a number of fortresses and walls, which protected the country from the raids of numerous steppe tribes. The Great Russian wall stretched for hundreds of miles from the Ukraine to the Urals. It consisted of impassable forest areas, as well as moats and ramparts reinforced with picket fences and log towers. A fragment of the wall and tower was reconstructed in the central part of the city (between Tolstoi Street and Lenin Street) in the place of the formerly existing fortress. Now it has become a popular place for various folk holidays and theatrical performances.

    The complex was opened in 2000. The construction was started in 1647 by the okolnichy Bogdan Khitrovo. The fortress was left by the military in 1708

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