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    Was registered by this name in October 24-th, 2000. Earlier the museum was named "The land of oil is my destiny" and was founded on the 28-th of March 1989 in the House of Pioneers. The initiator of the creation of this museum was G. R. Volkov (died in 1999) who was the teacher and enthusiast of the idea of Museum of Local Lore. A small exsposition containdan ethnography section with national clothes of khanty and nentsy, housekeeping utensils and things for hunting snd angling. There also were documents about the work of the producer's cooperation of the village Varyogan in 1940s-1950s, photos of N. Starovartovsky, describing the mode of life of khanty and nentsy.

    In 1991 the museum was given to the Children's Center of professional orientation in House of Culture "Neftyanik", G. R. Volkov headed the center. The center and the museum were located i s rebuilt 4-room flat.

    in 1992 N. M. Krausova founded the children's Ethnogrsphy club "Tyngur Iki"

    The main tsk of the small group of peiple, working here is the development of the professional museum/ The history of this region, material and spiritual culture of native people, enviroment - all these serves as a source of study. The creation of the museum has a task of preservation of historical and cultural heredity of all nations living here. Deeds of the pioneers of the town mustn't be forgotten/ In future it' pland to have a the special building for the museum containing exposition of the nature and history of the land.

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    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

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    1294, rare collection's items: 423

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