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Russian Impressionism museum

Phone: (495) 145-7555 (колл-центр)

Address: 125040, Moscow,

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    Russian Impressionism museum - W1965, official web site rusimp.su/

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billboard, events and excursions

    Museum of Russian Impressionism will not only become a modern, dynamic exhibition space, but will also be a platform that will host the educational activities of different specialists in arts - they will be reading lectures, making seminars, showing films and interacting with anyone who is interested in fine art. Museum is also planning on participating in big city projects as Museum Night, World Heritage day etc. We'll be happy to be hosting literature and music events, collaborating with various institutions working with art, cinema and theatre.

    Museum of Russian Impressionism sees its mission in: 1) researches of the beginning of impressionism movement in Russia; 2) analysis of the artists' works, that constitute the unique national character of Russian impressionism; 3) popularization of this art movement of the late XIX - early XX-th centuries in Russia as well as abroad

Museum's services:
   museum shop, lecture hall, museum's caffe, equipped for people with disabilities

Next to the museum there are:
    restaurant(s) or caffes

for museum professionals

Administrative phone:
    (495) 145-7556 (администратор)

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 04.04.2014
    opened: 26.05.2016

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Painting art

    permament show rooms 540м2
    temporary exhibitions 332м2
    museum's store 164м2

Employee number:
    10 (curators: 5)

Collections volume:

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