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The Russian Long Museum of Averkin

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    In the very center of old Russian town Sasovo, Ryasan region, there stands two - staged merchants house. There is a Russian song Museum of Averkin in this old building.

    In 4 hall there are musical instruments of XXth century sound reproducing apparatus, concert costumes of perfomers of Russian folk songs. There are also personal things, photos, documents, books of songs, which belong to the well - known composer Averkin A.P.

    In the Museum take place various thematic, view and dramatiged excursions, a lot of musical evenings - portraints of performers of Russian folk songs meetings with composes and poets.

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    founded: 01.06.2000

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 1182
    museum's store 112

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    7 (curators: 2)

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    science library

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    2011, rare collection's items: 2000

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