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The Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad Museum Reserve

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    The Museum Reserve is dedicated to heroic liberation of the city of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. It is here, near the village of Mar'ino and the town of Kirovsk, that the armies of the Volkhovsky and Leningradsky fronts closed up in the course of brutal combats and the siege was broken which greatly relieved situation in Leningrad, but the prolonged siege was fully lifted in late 1944 only.

    The museum includes the Diorama in Mar'ino, memorial complex "Nevsky Pyatachok (Patch)" in Kirovsk 3 km far from Mar'ino, the Sinyavino Memorial, Spot of Initial Meeting of the Russian Fronts on January 18, 1943.

    The reserve museum is located on the southern coast of Lake Ladoga where severe battles for Leningrad took place in the course of more than 3 years. It is housed in the left bank ramp of the Ladozhsky bridge across the Neva River. It was opened to public on May 7, 1985 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Victory Day. The diorama is a large-scale detailed work of pictorial art devoted to the lskra operation (the canvas is 8m high and 40 m long, the field depth measuring 6 m). The Diorama Museum was design and created by Leningrad's artists V. Seleznev, Yu. Garikov, L. Kabachek, B. Kotik, N. Kutuzov, G. Molteninov and F. Savostianov.

    On the Diorama square a new exhibition pavilion has been constructed for a unique Panorama "The Breakthrough" which will be open to public by the end of the year of 2017.

    The Museum also features the unique collection of postcards and posters published in the war times.

    Besides regular tours, special events are arranged in the museum on order.

    The exhibition hall of the reserve Museum situated in the town of Kirovsk (1.5 km far from the Diorama) houses diverse rotating shows

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    (81362) 25-900, Fax: (81362) 25-900

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 07.05.1985

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Museum preserve

    permament show rooms 1162,6м2
    temporary exhibitions 130м2
    museum's store 150м2
    museum's parks 198,5га

Average visitors per year:
    100 000

Collections volume:
    12699, rare collection's items: 11199

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