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The Museum of military glory "Parade of 7 November 1941 in the city of Kuibyshev"

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    The opening of the Museum of military glory of the military parade November 7, 1941 in Kuibyshev, was held at the Lyceum "Technical" November 3, 2011. The creation of the Museum was preceded by hard work of the search group created by the teacher of technology Lesnikova D.V.

    The exhibition presents samples of weapons and equipment 1941-1945, helmets, bags, pouches for ammunition, a shovel, a knife, a ruler artillery, holster, helmet, banknotes of the Soviet and German production 1941-1945, bread coupons, photos of parade, the layout square of Kuibyshev, etc. Among its sections - "Kuibyshev - spare capital", "the Parade of 7 November 1941 in Moscow and Kuibyshev", "Infantry and cavalry of the red Army, armor, artillery, vehicles, aircraft on Parade", "Kuibyshev diplomatic", etc.

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