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The Chernov geological museum of the Geological Institute, Komi Scientific Center

Phone: (8212) 44-70-45

Address: 167610, Komi Republic,

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    The Chernov geological museum of the Geological Institute is a typical regional museum. It was regional geology that was put in the museum concept and structure, collection and exposition of which are to giive maximum full understanding of geolgy, mineralogy,and mineral resources of the main territory of Activity of the Geologal Institute - the Europian North-Eastern district,the Northern Urals, and the Vaigach and Novaya Zemlya islands. The museum was created in the accordancewith initiative of the Pechora geology founder, proffesor A.A. Chernov. Official date of the museum innauguration is considered to be the of 21 May 1968.

    At the same time, the first exposition was settled in small premises and the first excursions were conducted/ The museum exposition are united in 7 divisions. Apart from it there are special divisions: of mineral resources, paleontology and evolution of animal world, lithology, petrography, mineralogy, gemstones

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Administrative phone:
    (8212) 44-70-45

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 21.05.1968

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:

    Natural history,Historical

    permament show rooms 325м2
    temporary exhibitions 100м2
    museum's store 600м2

Employee number:
    6 (curators: 5)

Specific departments:
    science library

Collections volume:
    125000, rare collection's items: 50000

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