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Museum of Archaeology of the Institute of Language, Literature and History Komi Science Centre

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    The Museum of Archaeology organized in 1985 has 1400 collections with over 1 million articles. They were obtained from excavations of archaeological sites (camps, settlements, burial grounds) that had been carried out by researchers of the Institute since 1957 until now. The excavations cover all the territory of the Komi Republic and neighbouring regions. The museum exposition reflects the most important stages in the prehistory and the history of the Middle Ages: settling of the region; formation of archaeological cultures of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages; migration of population in ancient times; origin history of the komi peoples referring to the Finno-Ugric language group; ancient Russian colonization of the region. Much attention is given to the aspects of interaction of ancient man and nature, peculiarities of adaptation processes in the European North latitudes. Of special interest are works of ancient arts showing complex organization of spiritual world of ancient peoples in the European North.

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    opened: 01.11.1985

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