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The museum of history of Omsk State University

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    The museum was created by students, graduate students and teachers of the foreign languages departament. Firstly it was memorial. And it was dedicated to the life and work of Telman and his associates, German, antifascists. Then his exposition was extended significantly. There were represented the events of German and French history and the culture of English - speaking countries.

    The museum keeps a great number of books, articles and veterans letters of working and revolutionary movement of many European countries, And also many private photos of the members of these events. There are many books, Albums, booklets, maps, posters, magazines, newspapers is German, Freunch and Englich Lunguages about Germany, France, England and USA (history, culture, politics and linguistics). All the materials are used in scientific and educational work of teachers, graduate students and students of Omsk higher institutions.

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    (3812) 65-2777

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    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Regional museum,Memorial

    permament show rooms 35м2
    temporary exhibitions 20м2
    museum's store 25м2

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    1 (curators: 1)

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    archive, science library

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    3529, rare collection's items: 3217

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