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Group of Companies "Titan" Museum

Phone: (3812) 92-54-74

Address: 644035, Omsk region,

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    History of Group of Companies "Titan" began on 20 November, 1989, when Mikhail Alexandrovich Sutyaginsky created youth center "Titan" at the comsomol committee of production association "Omsknefteorgsintez". Nowadays GC "Titan" unites a complex of petrochemical enterprises (plant "Omsky Kauchuk", Omsk Polypropylene Plant), agroindustrial enterprises, a brick factory, transportation and construction companies. More than 6 thousand people are employed on the enterprises of GC "Titan".

    The Group of Companies' corporate museum was created on 1 February, 2012 on the base of public company "Omsky Kauchuk" historical museum. Employees of the plant actively participated in the making of public company "Omsky Kauchuk" museum's collection. Major part of exposition is made up of reversed images, photographs, historical documents, books and archives. There are also unique exhibits which tell about the National top-priority project, and memorable foundries from first rubber (1962 г.) are available. The section which is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, presents photographs, documents, possessions of veterans.

    Nowadays awards of GC "Titan" enterprises: certificates, plaquettes, memorable badges, diplomas, figurines and medals - are also stored in the museum.

    A separate stand features samples of products manufactured by enterprises of the Group of Companies: rubbers, latexes, polypropylene, phenol, acetone, high-octane additives for fuel, colophony soap, propylene and other substances.

    Special exposition is dedicated to the federal project "PARK: Industrial-Agricultural and Regional Clusters" which has been operated by GC "Titan" since 2010.

    Moreover, visitors of the corporate museum can make a trip around all enterprises of the Group of Companies with the help of a video-excursion

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Administrative phone:
    (3812) 92-54-74

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 01.02.2012

Organisation status:

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Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 284м2
    museum's store 40м2

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Average visitors per year:
    свыше 600

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Collections volume:
    3000, rare collection's items: 2434

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