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The Ukrainka school museum of local lore

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    Our school museum is of a wid profile .The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive view on our village history and to enlarge the students knowledge about their native village and school and to arouse love to our motherland.

    There are several halls in our museum. The first one is called " The Chronicles Of School" and is devoted to the history of Ukrainka school .Here the visitors can find the information about the origin of our school, its first headmasters and teachers, school leavers, pioneer and komsomol organizations The collection of this hall has many exhibits, among them old photos, albums, diaries, old textbooks, church books, the original school-leaving certificates, attributes of former pioneer organization.

    The exposition of the next hall is devoted to the wartime. It is called " The War Glory". The exhibits of this hall are connected with the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. The lay-outs inform the visitors about the village residents that took part in the GPW. Among them T.F. Kutsevalov and N.A.Negoduyko(the Soviet Union Heroes).The visitors can view here war letters, war photos, arms, personal belongings of war participants such as war accordion, pilot Kutsevalov s leather helmet, soldiers war pots, uniforms and other things.

    "The Peasant Dwelling" is the next hall. It is devoted to the history of our village, the first settlers and their way of life. The visitors can view here the interior of the first settlers dwelling with old Russian oven, crockery, old loom, spinning wheels, original table-clothes, linen mats and other interesting things.

    " Flora and Fauna" hall. It informs the guests of our museum about the typical animals and plants of our region. You can learn here many interesting facts about the school production team, about the ecological path, about the work of the famous ecologist Grebenschikov.

    Our school museum has a group of guides and the museum council. They provide an active search work, give lectures, organize excursions and meetings

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    (38173) 34-150

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    opened: 05.05.1993

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    culture for society

    Regional museum

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    420, rare collection's items: 310

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