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Museum "Smolensk - the Shield of Russia" RSBIC "The Smolensk State Museum- Preserve"

Phone: (4812) 38-41-73, 38-32-65

Address: 214000, Smolensk region, Smolensk City, Oktyabrskoy Revolucii (the October Revolution) Street, 3, the Gromovaya (Thunder) Tower of the Smolensk Fortress

Location: from the Railway Station to the "Spartacus"Stadium by tram № 4, № 7; from the Bus Station along Dzerzhinski y Road by busor by fixed-route taxi № 17, № 37, № 38, № 40

Working hours:* on Tuesdays-Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays - from 10.00 to 17.00; on Friday - from 10.00 to 16.00. Warning:
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    Visitors have a good opportunity to see the unique interior of a fortress tower occupied by the museum, to walk along its narrow and steep stairs, to feast their eyes upon its wooden hipped roof from inside.

    On the second tier of the Gromovaya Tower (or the first floor of the occupied building) there is a new exposition opened. It tells about the building of the Smolensk Fortress Wall and about the heroic defense of the city in the period of the Time of Disturbance in the years of 1609 - 1611. The visitors can study the unique things of the late 16th - early 17th centuries from the funds of the Smolensk Museum-Preserve, the most of which is exposed for the first time.

    Here one can see the model of the fortress made bydesigners from Sankt-Petersburg. The model was made by the engraving of the Dutch artist-engraver William Gondiusengraved the view of Smolensk and its surroundings on his workin 1636. The original look of the towers of the Smolensk citadel, the number of the tower's facets and the arrangement of the loop-holes as well as the scale of every building strictly corresponds to the ancient draughts and documents.

    The third tier of the tower (or the second floor of the occupied building) is occupied by the exhibition "the Battle ofGrunewald. 600 years later". The things represented here are the historical reconstructions of the armor and of the arms of the warriors of the Golden Horde, the Great Principality of Lithuania and the Teutonic Order.

    The fourth tier of the tower (or the third floor of the occupied building) is the best platform for sightseeing in the city. One can become a spectator of the instructive performances given by the historical club"the Boundary Land" on the vacant days

Museum's building(s):
    The Gromovaya (Thunder) Tower is one of five 16-faceted (or so-called "round") towers of the Smolensk Fortress Wall. The fortress was erected under the guidance of the architect Fyodor Kon between the years of 1596 - 1602. The Russian Tsar Boris Godunov took part in the laying of the fortress.

    The tower had various names: Kruglaya (Round), Tupinskaya (Obtuse-angled) and Gromovaya (Thunder). The height of the tower with its merlons was 22 meters. It had being made of bricks when using the technology of the half-rubble brickwork.

    The socle is built of white stone. Below the merlons there are overhanging loop-holes grouped in twins. In 1976 a weathercock shaped like Gamayun, the heraldic bird of the Smolensk coat of arms, was settled at the top of the hipped roof.

    The loop-holes are disposed in chess-board order. The casings of the loop-holes of the ground line of fire are carried out in the forms of rectangular frames. The rest loop-holes have the same casings added with high triangle crowns.

    There are four tiers inside of the tower with gently sloping cupola vaults between them. On the socle tier (the first tier of the tower or the ground floor of the occupied building) there are five loop-holes disposed in the wide vaulted niches and an arched doorway leading to the 5,1meters long passage in the place where the tower is linked with the fortress wall.

    The staircase leads from the passage to the second tier (the first floor) and to the battle platform of the tower. The second tierof the tower has four loop-holes and an arched aperture leading to the passage like the previous one. The staircase leads from it to the third tier (the second floor) which has five loop-holes. To the fourth tier leads the staircase with stairs made of bricks

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    founded: 1987г.

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific


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