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The museum-cultural centre "Mansion of merchant G. Tetushinov"

Phone: (8512) 51-61-01

Address: 414000, Astrakhan region,

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    The 10th of September was opening of museum-cultural centre "Mansion of merchant G. Tetushinov", which is located in a carved wooden mansion on the street Communist, 26 / Raskolnikov, 9. It is the unique example of wooden architecture of the XIX century, preserved in the Lower Volga region. Every visitor of this Centre can touch Astrakhan history of XIX century and discover a lot of interesting things about the merchant's life. There is a unique possibility in this Centre: you can touch objects, sit on chairs, use the old stationery to make note in the Brownie Book. Excursion in museum is an unusual form of interactive act. Owners of the house - merchant Tetushinov and his family (wife and daughter) tell about their life and always glad to see guests in their house.

    Grigory Tetyushinov (c. 1830-1894) - Astrakhan merchant and industrialist, a hereditary honorary citizen of the city. Tetyushinov was a famous figure in Astrakhan. Whole his life Tetyushinov linked with the Volga, the Caspian Sea and the ships. His private shipyard "Tetyushinov & Co.", which built the screw ships, schooners, large transports had a great success. Schooners "Kalmyk ", "Tatarin", "Lezgin", which were built at the Tetyushinov's shipyard were well known


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    (8512) 51-11-21, Fax: (8512) 51-11-21

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    opened: 10.09.2010

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Painting art

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    temporary exhibitions 172,1м2
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    13 (curators: 6)

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