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The Metropolitan's Chambers. Yaroslavl ancient art

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Address: 150000, Yaroslavl region,

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    By order of Rostov and Yaroslavl Metropolitan Iona stone for the hierarchal fairly good Chambers were built in the 1680ies. As in Metropolitan Iona Sysoevich's time, the windows are decorated with intricate carved platbands made of figured bricks, built-in flues inside the rooms, niche-cupboards, the staircase uniting the stories, have survived to the present day. The plan of the house is simple: a broad stoop divides it into two almost equal parts. In the western, destined for official receptions and meals, a large one-pillar hall is set, and the eastern part houses the Metropolitan's private rooms.

    At present there are almost 2000 icons. The expositions include such masterpieces of old Russian art as the pre-Mongolian icon of the early 13 century, "Jesus Christ the Pantocrator", the only icon in the age-old Russian Art, featuring the famous Battle of Kulikovo of 1380 "SerghiyRadonezh in the life with the story of Mamaevo slaughter" of the 17 century. The signature icons of SemyonSpihridonovCholmogorez and Fyodor Zuhbov catch the eye with their unsurpassed skill

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    (4852) 30-48-31, Fax: (4852) 30-48-31

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    opened: 1977г.

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Painting art

    permament show rooms 259,3м2
    museum's store 247м2

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    9 (curators: 7)

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    2000, rare collection's items: 1842

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