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The Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology named after Valentin Glushko

Phone: (812) 230-0332

Address: 197046, Saint-Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress

Location: Metro Station 'Gorkovskaya'

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    The museum is situated in a historical building - the Ioannovsky Ravelin. Here in 1932-1933 were produced and tested the very first Russian liquid-propellant and electric jet engines, under the direction of young engineer Valentin Glushko. One can see reconstructed studies, workshops, photos of that time.

    The museum appeared in 1973, by the proposition of Glushko, to show the history of Russian cosmonautics. The collection of jet engines in scale 1:1 is exposed - from the first testing engines to the march engines of Gagarin's rocket "Vostok". Also the real rocket for Russian mortar machine "Katyusha" is shown.

    One can see models of the most famous soviet rockets, of the first satellite "Sputnik-1", of the spaceship "Vostok", real spacesuits and the real spaceship "Soyuz-16" which came from space in 1974. Also the real wheels for the "Lunokhod" Moon rover and the control panel fragment from the Lunokhod control center are exposed.

    In 2015 the reconstruction of the museum was finished. In renovated rooms the model of the International Space Station and models of the dining room and the hygiene room of the Russian ISS segment appeared.

    Near the museum one can see "Kometa" satellite which came from space in 1991and was presented to the museum in 2015

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    (812) 498-05-33

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    opened: 12.04.1973

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   State Russia

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    culture for society

    Historical,Science and technics,Memorial

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    110 895

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    2000, rare collection's items: 500

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