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Kazan regional museum of local lore named after V.S. Arzhilovsky

Phone: (34553) 42-181

Address: 627420, Tyumen region,

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    In 1990 the Presidium of the Kazan District Council of People's Deputies of the Tyumen region was made a decision to found a regional museum of local lore. V.S. Arzhilovsky was appointed as a researcher. As a patriot of his native land, Vasily Sergeyevich long before this for years little by little gathered everything that related to the long history of the area. The exhibits he kept at home. And only in 1994 it was provided the second floor of newly built house for the museum purposes. And in November 18, 1994 Kazan museum welcomed its first visitors. Since 1997 the museum is named after its founder and first director V.S. Arzhilovsky.

    Many interesting things can be seen by visitors of the museum. Painting and works of applied art, numismatics, archeology, ethnography, photos, documents, rare books, and much more. Here you can see endangered species of wildlife that still inhabit our region. All the expositions are interesting, informative and instructive.

    Kazan land is rich in natural resources, good people and its traditions. It is the birthplace of many talented poets, writers such as I. Ermakov, T. Gurieva, A. Mishchenko, etc. Also it is rich in its history. And so this past has not gone in non-existence, we need the historical and regional museums.

    The museum is decorated with five permanent exhibitions: "Flora and fauna of the Kazan region", "Crafts and trades", "Russian hut", "History of settlement and the formation of the Kazan region", "The glory and valor of our countrymen"


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Administrative phone:
    (34553) 42-181, Fax: (34553) 42-181

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1990.
    opened: 18.11.1994

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 198,22
    temporary exhibitions 242
    museum's store 11,22

Employee number:
    7 (curators: 4)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    12700, rare collection's items: 10600

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