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The museum-apartment named after L.V. Laptsuy

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    Leonid Laptsuj (1932-1982) is the Nenets writer, the deserved art worker of RSFSR, the active organizer and the participant of many events on gathering and presentation of the Nenets national folklore. He took an active part in compiling of the first reading book for national schools. He is the author of the book for home reading written in the Nenets language, a member of the Union of writers of the USSR since 1964. Salekhard's cultural and educational college was named in honour of Leonid Laptsuy.

    The museum-apartment was created in 1994, owing Elena Grigorevna Susoy, the writer's wife. It is structural division of Yamal-Nenets district museum-expocentre it. I.S. Shemanovskiy.

    The stuff members of the museum presented the interior and furnishing and spiritual atmosphere. The exhibition devided into by four sections: the writer a Nenets room, a corner of the nature, L.V.Laptsuy's study, a literary living-room.

    The collection of the museum consist of unique exhibits: household objects, furniture, items of applied art, painting, graphic art, archeological artifacts and ethnographic objects. The photodocumentary archive represented by handwritten materials, newspaper sketches, family photos and portraits of writers of the North. The library fund is rich and varied: Russian and foreign classics, subscription editions, the children's literature published in 60-70-s, the educational and methodical literature.

    The main events of the museum-apartment are aimed at children's audience. Among visitors are students, teachers, journalists, writers.

    Leonid Laptsuy's house-museum is not only memorial establishment, but also the center, where literature evenings, exhibitions and meetings of writers of Yamal take place. f the museum-apartment have been organizing and holding Lapsuy's readings. The history of the event began in Leningrad in 1988, when the first literature evening, devoted to creative work of the writer was held

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    (34922) 47-381, Fax: (34922) 47-381

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 28.11.1993
    opened: 01.01.1994

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   State Russia

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 23,62
    temporary exhibitions 182
    museum's store 162
    museum's parks 0,5

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    4 (curators: 3)

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    1356, rare collection's items: 982

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