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The Museum Boevoj Slavy of the 11th Guards Krasnoznamennaya army

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    The museum was formed in 1978 as the public one in order to keep and commemorate the heroic traditions of the 11-th Guards Red Banner Army. The museum highlight is the battle banner of the 11-th Guards Army transferred here to be kept forever - the one which accompanied the Army on the way from Moscow to Konigsberg. At honourable places in the Hall of Banners there are banners of the well-known regiments and units of the Army-witnesses of military glory reminding us of heroic traditions and holy duty on protection of Motherland.

    Battle awards shine at many banners, names of liberated cities are embroidered on them as well. Besides, the big collection of banners awarded to military units for the achieved success is exhibited here as well. In the section of military weaponry the visitors can observe different types of guns and machine guns the legendary gun Maxim type, the famous Mosin rifle, Shpagin and Sudaev guns all in all more than 100 examples of modern weaponry.

    In the section called The history of the battle route of the 11-th Guards Army one can observe different awards of soldiers and officers, their pictures, documents, personal things and letters. Here you can also see the billboards of the war period and photoes of the famous war journalists.

    The exposition called History pages acquaints us with printed matters of the war period. Real newspapers and magazines of that period tell us about everyday battle life of the Army and heroic episodes which took place in battles against Nazis.

    Regularly gatherings of the 11-th Guards Army veterans take place here, as well as meetings of the Great patriotic warparticipants with military and youth. It is also a place of different arrangements made by research groups and war reconstructors. From time to time the museum arranges trips to the former battlefields both on the territory of the Kaliningrad Region and Poland.

    Thee museum became a winner of the regional contest Person. Event. Time-2010 (nomination History of generations)

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