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The litery Pushkin museum in Bernovo

Phone: (48263) 4-41-35

Address: 171356, Tver region, Bernovo village, Staritskiy region

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    The village of Bernovo is the center of Pushkin ring of the Upper Volga Area/ The literary Pushkin museum in Bernovo is 30 years old/ The museum is plased in the memorial building - the Volf`s house the end of 18 - the beginning of 19 centuary/ The house wasn`t damaged and restored / The regular and landscape parks remained there , there is a Church of 17 centuary in the village? the family cemetry of the Volf`s.

    In 1828-33 Pushkin visited this place/ Volf`s relatives loved to stay there : the Muraviovs, the Velyashevs, the Bakunins, the panafins, the Vrevskies, the Poltoratskies. Ann Kern was brought up by her Grand dad for 4 years. Later I.I.Levitan loved this place.The exposition of the museum tells about the stay of Pushkin in the Volf`s estates: Malinniki, Pavlovskoe, Kurovo-pokrovskoe, the town of Staritsa. In the base of it there are materials of Pushkin`s works created there , of poet`s friends at Staritsa area/ The documents of this epoch, the Volf`s portreats, the pushkin`s contemporaries, their memorys of the poet, their personal things evoke great interest. The special place there is for Pushkin`s letters from staritsa estate to his wife and friends.

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Administrative phone:
    (48263) 4-41-35

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    opened: 1971.

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Architect and monuments,Literature,Memorial

    permament show rooms 459,82
    museum's store 302
    museum's parks 9,2

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    22 (curators: 3)

Average visitors per year:
    19 175

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    257, rare collection's items: 257

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