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Velizh Museum of hestorico-regional studies

Phone: (232) 4-2464

Address: 216290, Smolensk region,

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    The museum was founded in 1986 on the Basis of school museums. It is situated in the centre of the town in one storeyed building of style "modern" of the beginning of the 20-th centure. The museum is about Velizh and its inhabitants and also about people connected with its history. In the museum there are the following sections: archeological; historical - till 1917; esteblishment of the Soviet authority; militarian - Velizh's inhabitants in the Great Patrioyic war of 1941-1945; 4-th Shock Army in the liberating of Velizh; art-etnographic; famous countrybmen. Display area of the museum is 140 sq. m. The fund of the museum: general - 12392 exhibits, basic - 8622. There is no separate exhibitions hall, therefore the museum carries out exhibitions every month using its own funds, as well as collections's exhibits: exhibits of children's school of arts, House of children's creativity etc. The lessons of biology of the anchient man, geografy and history of Smolensh region are carried out in the museum. A hestorico-regional studies clab "Memory works on the basis of the museum. The museum is open from 9.00 till 6.00 p. m. Days off - Sunday, Monday. The director of the museum Kachulina Lina.

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Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.11.1986
    opened: 19.07.1986

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Regional museum

    permament show rooms 140м2
    museum's store 10м2

Employee number:
    3 (curators: 1)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    12396, rare collection's items: 8622

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