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Gatchina Municipal Museum

Phone: (81371) 214-66

Address: 188300, Leningrad region,

Working hours:*

    www.russianmuseums.info/M1926 - official web page
    Gatchina Municipal Museum - W1986, official web site migtn.ru/


billboard, events and excursions

    The museum exposition introduces visitors to the town's and its residents past and present history.

    The main exhibition introduces visitors to the history of our region before Peter the Greats reign, the period of the town's formation during the reign of Emperor Paul I, as well as the life of citizens and important historical events of XIX - XX centuries.

    In the exhibition hall of the museum regularly hosts exhibitions, lectures, conferences, thematic concerts, film screenings.

    The museum offers residents and visitors walking tours across Gatchina streets

Museum's services:
   museum shop, equipped for people with disabilities

Next to the museum there are:
    restaurant(s) or caffes

for museum professionals

Administrative phone:
    (81371) 214-66, Fax: (81371) 214-66

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 2004г.
    opened: 22.11.2009

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

    permament show rooms 142м2
    temporary exhibitions 152м2
    museum's store 20,6м2

Employee number:
    11 (curators: 2)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    14647, rare collection's items: 7237

Web sites and CD-disks:

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