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F.A. Abramov Literary-Memorial Museum

Phone: (81856) 7-41-23

Address: 164606, Arkhangel region, Verkola village, Pinejskiy Region

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    F.A. Abramov Literary-Memorial Museum is situated in the village of Verkola on the Pinega in Arkhangelsk region, where the famous writer was born. Museum was founded in 1986. The first exposition was created in 1987. Now museum is disposed in the building of the ex-school, where future writer was studying from 1928 till 1932. The school was constructed thanks to Svyato(Holy)-Artemievo-Verkolskiy Monastery in the 19th century.

    Now there are four rooms in the museum. The exhibits of the first room tell about the history of the school in Verkola and Abramov`s family. Writer's creations are represented in the second room. In the third room there are exhibits connected with last uncompleted Abramov`s novel "Clear book". The last room is used for other different expositions.

    The memorial complex includes Abramov`s house, where he lived during summers of 1975-82, parents house and the writer's grave.

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Administrative phone:
    (81856) 7-41-23, Fax: (81856) 7-41-23

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.04.1985
    opened: 14.05.1987

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific


    permament show rooms 127м2
    museum's store 55,3м2
    museum's parks 0,6га

Employee number:
    11 (curators: 4)

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Collections volume:
    8983, rare collection's items: 5958

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