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House-museum I.S. Palantay

Phone: (8362) 45-1919

Address: 424000, Mariy El Republic,

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    I.S. Palantay has lived in the house last year (1925-1926). The first expositions of a museum consisted of two memorial rooms of a family of the composer and showroom, where at stands and in show-windows have been presented photos and documents from personal archive of I.S. Palantay, opening pages of its biography, inseparably connected with creation polyphonic professional chorus.

    In 1986 to a centenary of the composer the house-museum restoration has been made. On memories of relatives of I.S. Palantay, internal conditions of room have been restored. Such structure of a museum has remained till now. In a house-museum three rooms: drawing room, office, nursery. Personal things, manuscripts, life subjects, furniture, musical instruments of the composer are carefully stored in them

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Administrative phone:
    (8362) 45-1919

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 16.03.1960
    opened: 10.06.1961

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific


    permament show rooms 44,5м2
    temporary exhibitions 80м2

Employee number:
    2 (curators: 1)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    106, rare collection's items: 55

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