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K.S. Petrov-Vodkin's rt-emorial Museum

Phone: (84595) 21-094, 22-027

Address: 412780, Saratov region, Khvalynsk, V.I.Lenin street, 89

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    K.S. Petrov-Vodkin's s art-memorial museum occupies two buildings: K.S. Petrov-Vodkin's house-museum and picture gallery of K.S. Petrov-Vodkin Both buildings are architecture monuments. Picture gallery of K.S. Petrov-Vodkin (Lenin's street, 89) - the brick one-storeyed building in city centre with a semi-basement, belonged to senior grandson A.N. Radishcheva - to A.V. Radishchevu and his children till 1919. The architect of the building is unknown. Construction of 1860th years, it was some times reconstructed, last reorganisation is carried out in 1877. In a building there are the wall lists occupying 24 2, executed per 1912-1914 L.A. Radishchevym in style of modern.

    K.S. Petrov-Vodkin's house-museum (Lenin's street, 208) - a semilog house constructed by the smith in 1896. K.S. Petrov-Vodkin had bought the house in 1905. The house belonged to the parents and a family of the artist till 1943. At the house there are outdoor constructions: sheds, a summer kitchen, a bath and a small garden.

    Formation of collection has begun in 1919 during nationalisation of landowner manors. In 1930s it replenished basically with works of the artists making "a circle Hvalinck" K.S. Petrov-Vodkin - V.F. Orehov, L.A. Radishchev, I.A. Elatontsev, G.G. Platonov, Z.I. Sukontsev received an art education in 1880-1890th years in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan and Penza. The same years the collection was replenished with icons from closed old believe monasteries from Hvalinck. The great interest is represented by a collection of early works of K.S. Petrov-Vodkin, its things and subjects of a life of the end XIX - the beginnings of the XX-th centuries exhibited at the house-museum of the artist. Later, in 1960th years, after opening of gallery of K.S. Petrov-Vodkin, the collection was replenished with gifts of known Soviet artists: A. Lentulov, E. Bebutova, N. Udaltsova, K. Redko, N. Romadin, B. Prorokov, G. Verejskiy, J. Pimenov, B. Nemenskiy, J. Korovin, , N. Gluskin, S.A. Chujkov, V.A. Favorskiy, I. Golitsyn, V. Popkov. Since 1988 the annual August seasons of artists from the different cities of Russia working in the open air in Hvalynsk are spent

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    (84595) 21-094

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    founded: 04.11.1995

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Memorial,Painting art

    permament show rooms 278,12
    temporary exhibitions 94,42
    museum's store 34,42

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    15 (curators: 4)

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    2475, rare collection's items: 2040

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