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Koporye Fortress

Phone: 8 (960) 2746034, 8 (921) 4209935

Address: 188525, Leningrad region,

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    Koporye Fortress is an old Russian monument of military defensive architecture of the late 15th-early 16th centuries. It was built on a rock cliff in 15 km from the Gulf of Finland and about 100 km from Saint Petersburg. The first recorded mention dates back the 13th century. Related the Aesti tribes, Votes tribes can be considered aborigines of these places. From the name of this people one of the places on Koporye land was named Vodskaya pyatina. In the western countries there was one more name - Wattland.

    Today this place is a branch of the Museum agency of Leningrad region. Koporye Fortress is a unique open air museum, which engages in sightseeing and educational work. Despite the fact that, unfortunately, the museum has no exhibition halls, guides will conduct you an interesting excursion and you will learn the history of the fortress since the 13th century

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    founded: 07.07.2001
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   State Russia

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