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    The Aksakov Museum was established on the MIIGAiK (Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography) President's initiative, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Viktor Savinykh in December 2, 2016. The Museum is located in the Manor house of the town estate of Ivan Demidov - in the old site of Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography of the Russian Federation (in the past the Konstantinovskiy Land Institute), that was built in the style of Russian Classicism in the 1789-1791 by the project of an architect Matvey Kazakov.

    From 1883 Sergey Aksakov was the Inspector General of the Konstantinovskiy Surveying College, and in the 1835-1838s he was the first director of the Konstantinovskiy Land Institute that was established by him. With his direct involvement the first order and curriculum of the Land Institute were made and entered to. Besides of the special disciplines, gymnastics, dancing, singing and Russian language arts that Vissarion Belinskiy taught in 1838, were included in the list of educational subjects. During his term as the Director of the Konstantinovskiy Land Institute Sergey Aksakov has focused on the noble cause - each graduate had to be "useful for his state and his family". This thought of the writer and educator became the basis of creation of the Museum exposition.

    The holdings of the Museum include the collection of pictorial materials and documents, which introduce Sergey Aksakov not only as the Director of the Konstantinovskiy Land Institute, but also as the censor of the Moscow Censor Committee, the brilliant theater critic of the 1820s, the author of "Notes on Angling" (1847), "Notes of a Hunter from The Orenburg Province" (1852), autobiographical stories "Family Chronicle" (1856) and "Childhood Years of Bagrov the Grandson" (1858)

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