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Russian Army Theatre Museum

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    The Museum of the Russian Army Theatre is situated into the building of this theatre. It was projected by architects K.Alabyan and V.Simbirtsev in 1934. They invited the famouse painters (professors V.Favorsky, L.Bruni, A.Deineko) to paint frescoes. We show these frescoes and open their secrets (the Pargest one was made on the acoustics plaster) to tourists and students on our excursions and lectures. The museum has rich various collection, it has more than 33 thousands units of keepings. There are files of the theatre history: the fund of photoes and negatives, bills and programs, personal archives of our artists and big archive of the press from the time of the foundation the Army Theatre in 1929 to our days. We are proud of our collection of drafts of the sceneryes and theatre's costumes made by I.Fedorov, U.Pimenov, N.Shifrin, I.Sumbatashvili. The Museum organizes the eshibitions devoted to the jubilees of our artists, premieres and other important events in the theatre.

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    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Theartal,Painting art

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    свыше 33000

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