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Museum "History of Labour Hygiene and Occupational Pathology" of the RAMS Institute of Occupational Health

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    On the Museum's stands the results of scientific research snd development are reflected in historical aspect on study of influence of working environment and work load on health status of workers, and also preventive measures for improvement of working condition. In connection with occurrence in industry fo such hazardous factors as radioactive radiation, electromagnetic waves, noise, vibration etc. their adverse effects on workers are shown as well as scientifically substantiated recommendations fortheir prevention. The materials are presented as charts, drawings, samples, photos, diagrams and other exponents. In one of the Museum's rooms the materials about activities of the RAMS Institute of Occupational Health are presented, clearly showing the significant changes in industries and worker's health which are the results of scientific works of the Institute.

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    (495) 365-0209, Fax: 918-2896

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    founded: 05.02.1987

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    Natural history,Historical,Memorial

    permament show rooms 120м2
    museum's store 25м2

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    archive, science library, experts team

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    5000, rare collection's items: 3000

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