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Museum "Ritual Masks and Figures of the World"

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    Private museum "Ritual masks and figures of the World" opened May 17, 2015. The museum has an extensive collection of items handmade from wood, metal and stone. The main areas are the mask of peace and wooden figures of Russian masters (goblins, water, frights, Baba Yaga, etc).

    The main objective of the museum is the educational activity on the basis of lectures, which operates the museum. Lectures on various topics, which guests can learn a lot about the African, Asian, American masks hear different theories of "evil" in Russian fairy tales, learn about jewelry-amulets from different corners of the Earth, carried out on our territory, and the sites of friends and partners. Museum (the myth of the world) provides the ability to not just see "exhibit behind glass," and experience the magic that subsistence similar products. You can literally touch the mask that keeps the "spirit" of several generations

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    (985) 294-71-18

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    opened: 17.05.2015

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